Using the Tesseract GPU Nodes

Tesseract has eight compute nodes equipped with GPGPU accelerators. This section of the user guide explains how to compile code and submit jobs to the GPU nodes.


The GPU accelerators on Tesseract are only available in TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) mode and so do not support graphics rendering tasks, only computational tasks.

Compiling software for the GPU nodes


CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model developed by NVIDIA for general computing on graphical processing units (GPUs).

To use the CUDA toolkit on Tesseract, you should load the cuda module:

module load cuda

Once you have loaded the cuda module, you can access the CUDA compiler with the nvcc command.

As well as the CUDA compiler, you will also need a compiler module to support compilation of the host (CPU) code. The CUDA toolkit supports GCC. You should load your chosen compiler module before you compile.


The nvcc compiler currently supports versions of GCC up to 7.x and does not support Intel compilers.

Using CUDA with GCC

By default, nvcc will use the system version of GCC. We recommend that you load a more recent version of GCC than the system default to support the CUDA compiler, e.g.

module load gcc

You can now use nvcc to compile your source code, e.g.:

nvcc -o cuda_test.x

Submitting jobs to the GPU nodes

One additional option is needed in GPU job submission scripts over those in standard jobs:

  • -q QGPU This option is required to submit the job to the gpu queue on Tesseract


GPU compute nodes are only available in exclusive mode. This means your minimum

request ia 1 GPU compute node with 24 CPU cores and 4 V100 GPU accelerators.

Job submission script using multiple GPUs on a single node


Remember that there are a maximum of 4 GPU accelerators per node and a maximum of 24 CPU cores per node.

A job script that requires 1 GPU compute node (4 GPU accelerators and 24 CPU cores) for 20 minutes could look like:

#PBS -N cuda_test
#PBS -l select=1
#PBS -l walltime=0:20:0
# Budget: change 't01' to your budget code
#PBS -A t01

# Load the required modules
module load cuda
module load gcc



The line #PBS -l select=1 requests 1 node and the line #PBS -q QGPU requests GPU compute nodes.